Website Attributions

Websites take a lot of work to build! 

These are some of the nice people who have shared their creative talents on the internet, so we can go along and use them :)

Maybe you can thank them for everything they do to make the world a better place!

Website Background Image: 

Thank you Akira, for generously sharing the Scalable Vector Image for free at 

All Akira wants, is some attribution :) If you personally know him, maybe you can also offer some sincere gratefulness :)

Isn't it pretty with all the birds that fly in the clouds!

Text Fonts:

Adobe Edge Fonts and Google Fonts 

It takes a lot of work to make beautiful fonts, and there is thousands of different sorts of font out there, some of them are very expensive.

Website Developers have been restricted for years, because there is only a very small handful of fonts that every visitor to their website is certain to have on their computer.

Adobe and Google have gone ahead and provided free of charge, for us to pick and use from hundreds of professional fonts, so long as we do not steal the font. 

How cool is that?? Thanks Guys!  

Website Software:

Craft CMS,  PHP, MySQL, YII, Amazon Web Services, Linux, Ubuntu

.. If you don't know much about computers, let's just say that it takes some serious learning to figure out how to make a computer do what it should, when a button is clicked! 

Thanks to these generous people, we don't really need to worry about that stuff. We can just click the buttons and get on with making the website! 

What's even more commendable, these people aren't greedy in business, but they have set reasonable prices for their products. Some of them are even so generous that they have made an Open-Source Business Model - from the goodness that is in their heart, they have decided that we can use their products for free!

Cheers guys, for making the world a nice place to be :)

.. let's face it, if we would go ahead and thank every person who has done something that contributed to us being here today and doing this, the list would never be finished!

Tell you what, why don't you think about whoever could be added to this list, and then when you next see them, let them know that they are appreciated :)

.. And thank you God Almighty, that you made it all possible - that we can be here and expressing how much we are grateful for. Help us to make your vision complete, by showing us whatever ways we might be able to help, and empowering us to achieve a world that fully loves life that much.